Ater Studios is a tiny indie-studio based in the southern part of Sweden.
It was founded in 2016 by Kim "Zhoot" Brorsson.

The name "Ater" comes from Latin, when translated into English it comes out as "Malicious".


A modern Tycoon/Management game focused on healthcare with a humoristic approach.

When I was young and very impressionable in the end of the 90's I one day found the game Theme Hospital.
I played this wonderful game and it quickly became a part of my childhood. Now when I've grown up and work as a indie game developer, I wanted to create a modern version of this childhood classics.

And that modern version is called MediSim.
It is a game about Planning, Constructing and Managing your very own Hospital.
You will face varienty of issues of running the hospital including, but not limited to: Disasters, Epidemics, Financial troubles and many more.


We have a few channels of communications.